The Digital nomad brings a human touch to our way of working.
The worker feels free, responsible for his/her professional development, and advances for a personal project that involves the community.
Finally, the economy is at the service of Man and not the opposite. The digital nomad is also the guarantee for companies to have quality consultants.

Becoming a freelancer is risky but very rewarding.

To limit risks and obtain returns on investment, you need to know the needs of the market’s needs and acquire the necessary skills. Experience is a real asset to finding new contracts.
It is necessary to be able to be autonomous from prospecting to delivering orders, while managing the administrative aspects of your micro company. That’s why it is necessary to be aware of the latest regulations related to contracts and tax administration in order to avoid making mistakes that would jeopardize your business.
It is rather essential to put working capital or money aside to overcome the most difficult months. Because as you are starting your business, you may not have a full order book for the year to come and deliveries may occur on an irregular basis. But there are advantages for the freelancer in this way of working: you can work from anywhere in the world, with whoever and whatever schedule you want.
If the consultant’s intellectual property is very valuable then it is better to be a freelancer than a company employee.
If they are good, freelancers will be able to choose their clients according to the values these clients convey, or any other important criteria for free-lancing.
Freelancers are responsible for their own promotion, they set their own rates, however they must take into account the market and its customers. On the other hand, unlike employees, they may seem less credible when they ask for a loan.
The time when diplomas took precedence over experience and know-how is over, now you can be your own challenger rather than that of a company that is not yours.

Secondly, it should be noted that the third greatest threat to financial companies is cybercrime, according to AXA’s 2017 risk barometer.
A cyber attack can cost millions to be reversed.
An internal audit is essential for data security.
The digital era forces us to change our business model and exercise exhaustive control, to be more efficient in less time. In this new model, teleworking is crucial: It’s a new way of working that is less time-consuming and less costly for the company.
The best way to find your experts is to use a collaborative platform such as Live Consulting.

The digital nomad is also a way for companies and clients to acquire Top Talents as shown in our article « USING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY IS A MAJOR ASSET FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS THAT MUST REMAIN IN COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS ».

The freelancer must produce quality work to build customer loyalty.
Freelancers are autonomous and flexible, which is also an advantage for the clients.they are dealing with customized work for themselves but also for their clients.
The increase in the number of self-employed workers is a phenomenon that is far from being reserved just for France. 14% of European workers are self-employed, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO). In the Anglo-Saxon world, 40% of jobs created since 2010 are self-employed. In the United States, 30 million workers are self-employed.
This is all the Truer with the increasing progress of digital technology (the internet with ultra fast connection, access to Big Data, ability to communicate remotely via voice and / or video remotely) that allows the “Uberization” of the economy in many areas: communication, personal service, building…

With Liveconsulting, our collaborative platform, you will have the advantages of the freelancer without the disadvantages: you pool the costs inherent to tax administration and prospecting and you keep more time for your work as a consultant. In addition, you define, along with others like you, the working life that you want for yourself.
Our platform guarantees our top talents and gives you credibility with your clients (our partners).
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