World finance is currently dealing with a major structural crisis. The professions, protectors of sector ethics (risk, compliance & audit) are deserted, jeopardizing an entire system!

Psychologically hard working conditions frustrate the brightest minds, lead to desertification of top talents. However, companies in the financial industry cannot forego this expertise at the risk of exposing themselves to severe financial penalties.

LiveConsulting offers an innovative two parts-solution: an offer for companies in the financial industry, looking for experts in so-called “ethical” professions and an offer for these experts in search of meaning.

LiveConsulting comes as the result of a strong personal experience. Its founder, Olivia Blanchard, humane and committed, is well aware of the difficulties encountered in this type of business.

By encouraging financial industry companies to shift towards a new organisational method, LiveConsulting promotes outsourcing with a pool of independent experts who want to find meaning in their professional lives.