LiveConsulting designs, implements, assesses, improves your compliance and your culture of ethics to prevent any regulatory breaches amid a complex of regulatory environment by combining independent certified expertise with innovative digital solution.

“The LiveConsultant”
Independent certified expert

All the LiveConsultants are experienced professionals who can monitor, investigate, write rules and policies and translate them into what your business needs to do and help your business to evolve.

LiveConsulting believes that not only money can attract top talent. The expert you need may live in another city or simply prefer to work remotely and he is not restricted by location or working hours and the collaboration is based on a professional trusting relationship and mutual accountability.

“The LivePlatform”
Innovative Digital solution

To Reduce your cost LiveConsulting is working with partners who develops the best with Regulatory technical solutions to prevent any regulatory breaches.

To Facilitate your administrative workflow with the LiveConsultant, The LivePlatform offers a secure process as secure payment and checked references.

LiveConsulting Expertise

Anti-bribery and corruption

Anti-money Laundering

Conflicts of interests

Data privacy and protection

Cyber security

Fair treatment of customers

Risk assessment

Compliance organisation & governance

Standards, policies & procedures

Training & communication

Monitoring and investigation

Internal and external reporting (board and regulatory reporting)


Subject to a consideration of the level of services required.